What Is the Meaning Of SUV? What Are The Key Features Of An SUV Car?

The acronym 'SUV,' which stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, is a ubiquitous term in the automotive lexicon. Often referred to as 'Suburban Utility Vehicle,' this class of automobiles was conceived with a vision—to meld the cargo capacity of a pickup truck with the opulence of a passenger car and the roominess of a minivan.

In essence, the SUV stands as the apex of this automotive amalgamation. From a technical standpoint, a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is invariably a four-wheel-drive (4X4) vehicle. It is a common misconception to label 4X2 vehicles as SUVs based solely on their exterior appearance.

SUVs possess a combination of passenger and cargo compartments, boasting three rows of seats and an engine compartment. Their square-shaped bodies grant them a towering center of gravity and substantial ground clearance. These vehicles, hewn from the same stock as trucks, exhibit robustness and are adept at carrying heavier loads.

While purchasing an new SUV is a commendable choice, certain features merit close examination to identify the best-suited one. Here are some key attributes to consider when selecting an SUV:

Size and Elevation:

A noteworthy characteristic of a top-tier SUV is its ample ground clearance. SUVs are inherently wider than conventional cars, rendering them ideal for off-road adventures and weekend getaways. Large SUVs excel in providing heightened ground clearance and a commanding driving position, whereas their smaller counterparts are tailored for urban commuting.


Generous interior space ranks as one of the hallmarks of an SUV. Each SUV is meticulously designed to optimize cargo capacity when required, while also offering ample legroom for enhanced comfort and versatility. If you want to check our spacious flagship SUV model Jetour X90, just click to the link!

Towing Capability:

SUVs are renowned for their prowess in towing trailers. Their robust engines yield increased horsepower, bestowing them with superior agility and traction for towing endeavors.

Uncompromised Safety:

SUVs enhance on-road safety. Navigating roads should be an enjoyable experience, and an SUV equipped with advanced safety features strikes an ideal balance between safety and stability, enabling drivers to fully savor their journeys. If you want to check our premium SUV model Jetour X70 comes with unmatched technology and safety features, just click the link!

Off-Road Proficiency:

While many vehicles can manage challenging off-road terrains, SUVs, distinguished by their size, structure, and horsepower, reign supreme in this domain. SUVs featuring elevated seating positions and substantial ground clearance can adeptly conquer rocky and muddy trails, thanks to their sharp departure angles, thereby minimizing the risk of undercarriage and engine damage.

Engine Efficiency:

Due to their increased weight, SUVs traditionally exhibit lower fuel economy. To counter this, manufacturers have introduced diesel engines and small-displacement turbocharged gasoline engines, paired with advanced transmissions, to boost mileage efficiency.

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