Jetour’s after-sales service- A smooth experience

Jetour is considered one of the best manufacturers of Luxury SUVs in UAE. It is known not just for the superior quality of its vehicles but also for the phenomenal after-sales support it provides to its customers.

What are after-sales services?

When a person buys one of the Luxury SUVs in the UAE, they firstly face the fear of the availability of spare parts. As we all know that most of the car brands make a huge profit even after selling the car by selling spare parts to them. It gets even more concerning when it is going to be the first car he or she is buying. Buyers believe that since buying a car is a huge investment, they should get good customer service and guidance during the process. A buyer expects the dealer to respond to his or her questions truthfully, no matter how insignificant they might seem. This is because only after gathering enough information, can a buyer make an informed decision and make their choice of buying the best SUV.

Even after buying a vehicle, there are many times when the buyer might need certain help. The additional services that precede or succeed the purchase of a vehicle can be considered after-sales services. These involve the customer receiving customer support, marketing-related information, mechanical and technical or other types of support. These services lead to improved customer satisfaction and higher customer loyalty.

Why Jetour?

Jetour is an undertaking of Chery automobiles that have been in the industry for more than two decades. It has been recognized by the International Automobile Corporation and is currently based in China. Chery automobiles has many divisions and unique brands and each of them target a specific niche in the automobile market. This is the exact same case in Jetour as well. Jetour targets the Luxury SUV segment and has been very successful since the launch of its first SUV. Jetour cars are often counted as one of the Best SUVs in UAE. The same can be said of its exceptional after sale-services. Jetour Motors is the name of trust by its hundreds of thousands of loyal customers who know that Jetour never leaves its customers in the gray. Jetour has its own workshop as well as the spare parts retail. So, you do not have to worry as Jetour is a one-stop-shop in order to maintain their clients’ trust and peace of mind.

Why Choose Jetour’s Authorized After-Sales Service?

The biggest reason behind Jetour Motors doing so well in the UAE is its phenomenal after-sales support. Jetour is known in the UAE for its affordable, feature-loaded luxury SUVs such as the Jetour X70, Jetour X70 Plus and Jetour X70 FL. Jetour Motors not only sell the SUVs but also educate their customers with all the lavish features they are offering in the vehicle. Jetour has highly trained professionals who will be there to assist you in all your inquiries. It doesn’t matter if your questions are related to the technical, mechanical, or electronical issues, you will always find them answering all your questions while maintaining a smile on their face. They will carefully listen to your demands and requirements and will suggest an ideal model for your situation that fits your needs and price range. Unlike other car brands, Jetour believes that the beginning of a long running customer relationship is when the customer comes back for regular maintenance. It is when the customer can provide a hands-on review of their experience with the vehicle, how reliable it has been and how comfortable they have been with the previous maintenance. With Jetour, you can expect finest level of assistance from the professionals who are certified to provide services for your Jetour luxury SUV in UAE. Lets go through a few reasons what makes Jetour the best after sale service provider for its luxury SUVs in UAE.

Service Centers

The biggest concern for any customer after buying an SUV is its maintenance. People tend to fear the expensive maintenance for most luxury SUV brands in UAE provided by the authorized workshops. Usually, the company authorized workshops charge rather higher prices as the technicians hold better understanding of the concerned vehicles. Going to a random workshop for maintaining your vehicle might cost slightly less than the authorized workshops but for the long run, the life expectancy of the vehicle drops dramatically. Going to an authorized workshop is always a better decision as they know the vehicle better and can rectify the problems better thanks to all the knowledge they have being authorized by the concerned company. The good news here is that Jetour Motors train its professionals to work with all its models in the most satisfying way possible. Regardless to the knowledge you have on the automobiles, Jetour Motors technicians will elaborate and explain everything they will be performing to your SUV and provide you with ample knowledge of the services they are doing so that you can tell by yourself for the next time that which services have already been performed. Not only that, Jetour Motors have numerous service centers which will provide you with the exact same service experience that will enhance your knowledge about your SUV and will add confidence for your future services.

Good quality Maintenance

Apart from manufacturing the best luxury SUVs on the market, Jetour has also made it a point to offer the best After Sales Servicesto their clients. Our support team offer wonderful services and is known to be reliable and trustworthy. Jetour cars afford highly rated servicing by expert mechanics and technicians. With original Jetour parts and the latest technology, there wouldn’t be anything to worry about as the life span of the parts is just as good as the ones coming preinstalled from the company. A basic maintenance process involves the inside and outside cleaning of the car, a filter change, an oil change, and a check of the important engine fluids. Apart from this, the main components of the car are thoroughly checked to give you a seamless, smooth ride.

Elite Motors Services Is the Name Of Trust

Elite Motor Services is the official partner for the Elite Cars. When it comes to after-sale services such as Pre-delivery Inspection, repair, servicing, customization and modification, paintwork, restoration, and more. Elite Motors Services has had more than 8 years of experience and a great track record to maintain the most premium car brands in the UAE. Our expert teams use the latest equipment and techniques to provide reliable and trustworthy maintenance for Elite Cars. We are the exclusive partner of The Elite Cars for servicing and upholding warranty for Jetour cars.

Elite Motors Services offers reliable warranty and service packages with the help of our highly experienced technicians and extensive workshop. We can be your trustworthy ally when it comes to servicing and maintaining your Jetour luxury SUV. At Elite Motors Services, you get a huge range of packages and amazing customer service to ensure a hassle-free maintenance experience. With a smooth and quick service experience, completely genuine Jetour parts and a willingness to accommodate all your questions, Elite Motors Services can be your best SUV service partner for years to come.

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