UAE Chooses the Luxurious Comfort of Jetour

The Chinese luxury cars brand Jetour prioritizes efficiency without sacrificing comfort and elegance. Jetour brings great sophistication with its room for seven passengers, low operating costs, intelligent driving experience, and a wide-angle integrated panoramic sunroof. Consequently, it marked its place in the favourite brands of UAE. Consequently, in June 2022, the brand lit up the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai to celebrate its global success. The brand chose Jetour X70 Plus and Dasheng to be exhibited with the light show.

Extensive Passenger Space of Jetour x70

The Jetour X70 has enough room inside for seven people, making it one of the most accommodating vehicles in its class. The cabin is constructed with high-quality materials to provide the driver with the greatest possible comfort.

Technical Features of Jetour x70

Inside of the Jetour X70 emphasizes chrome metal inlays in the dashboard and doors. Panoramic sunroof, high-quality sound insulation, and folding rear seats are included. In addition, there is support for wireless charging, Bluetooth, and additional USB connections.

The design language of the Jetour x70

The Jetour X70 is undeniably one of the most stunning automobiles ever conceived. The sluggish, athletic, and streamlined appearance of the X70 was created to become a landmark in the fashion world. The X70 epitomizes luxury in every possible meaning of the term. The hood and cabin of the Jetour X70 are finely proportioned and set back toward the rear wheels. Additionally, the body surface of this vehicle is exquisitely sculpted.

Jetour X70 Plus

The Jetour X70 plus comes with robust design and advanced performance.

  • Large vehicle dimensions

The X70 Plus has a length of 4720 mm and a width of 1900 mm. It provides a spacious build which also has a flexible body and interiors. The 7-seater arrangement ensures that you get a comfortable drive for your whole family. The wheelbase is around 2745 mm, which provides better stability. You can go on rough terrains and roads without any worry now. X70 Plus also features a 20-inch wheel hub. This extra large wheel hub caters to better heat dissipation and provides a more sophisticated design. You also get lower fuel consumption with better safety and agility. It is composed of aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and sturdy.

  • Luxury and ambience

You get an ultra-wide panorama sunroof with X70 Plus. Moreover, you can enjoy excellent ventilation and lighting with a 1.1-meter square sunroof. Moreover, you also get a 36dB ultra-quiet environment which makes it perfect for your small kids. So you can enjoy a peaceful ride without getting honked on the road.

  • High-performance engine

You get a second-generation engine which is designed by Chery. The engine has 8 kg less weight compared to other SUV engines. That’s why you get better performance and 5% lower fuel consumption. Experience 8% higher power performance and up to 37% thermal efficiency. The X70 plus also has a multi-link suspension with a stabilizer bar. As a result, you get a smooth ride with better safety. Also, it features EPB+AUTOHOLD to provide anti-sliding support on hills and inclined terrains.


This was all about the best Chinese SUV – Jetour. The outstanding level of service Jetour provides in terms of innovation and safety enables the company to distinguish itself from its rivals. Jetour emphasizes dependability and quality, as well as lightweight construction, performance, and fashionable details regarding a vehicle’s design. The fundamental semantics of designing Jetour cars result in automobiles that are comfortable and luxurious and up to both premium and luxury standards. People who wish to drive in luxury may choose from several different alternatives provided by Jetour.

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