Why is Jetour X70 Most Rated Among New SUV Cars In UAE?

Jetour has become one of the most respected automakers in the world, leading the automotive engineering field with athletic and efficient models for everyone to discover. Jetour offers an exceptional service in innovation and safety that lets it stand out from its competitors. When it comes to designing a vehicle, Jetour stresses reliability & quality, lightweight, performance and style. The core semantics of Jetour designs make them luxurious and comfortable vehicles that meet both premium and luxury standards. Jetour offers a variety of options for drivers who want to drive in style.

Jetour X70, one of the most popular SUV cars in the UAE, has a reputation for being the most reliable, durable, and hard-to-break vehicle that gets you anywhere you need to go.

The second row of this 7-seater SUV includes an adjustable backrest, while the third row has foldable and removable rear seats with a multi-level storage area. It has a roomy interior and a flexible body, with a length of 4720mm and a width of 1900mm. The air conditioner can control the wind independently and adjust the temperature. There is more attention paid to the rear seats so the back passengers are more comfortable. Jetour’s engineers have done an excellent job on the braking and transmission refinements, as the X70 has well-modulated brakes that are easy to control and ensure smooth stops. The car will be a wise investment for those who are thinking about buying an affordable SUV. Take a glance at the amazing features:


The interior of the Jetour X70 is designed to maximize driver comfort and manufactured with high-quality materials. A comfortable ride is guaranteed with ample space. Larger size provides more passenger space, so long drives won’t leave you feeling stuffed with other passengers. With a seating capacity of seven, the interior of the X70 is spacious. Additionally, you can slide the second row for easier entry & exit. Additionally, it has top-notch ventilation systems that give passengers extra comfort. With latest features, Jetour X70 helps you through your journey without any trouble.


If you’re a person who enjoys taking family road trips, you’ll be delighted to hear that the car comes with lots of amenities that will make your trip enjoyable. The Jetour X70 cabin emphasizes chrome metal inlays in the dashboard and doors, with the option of obtaining a third row of seats, a panoramic sunroof, high-quality sound insulation, as well as folding rear seats for more practicality. There’s a 10-inch entertainment screen, a 6-speaker high-end sound system, a huge touch panel to regulate the air conditioning, a sensor to unlock the luggage compartment, and a 12.3-inch digital screen for the instruments, among other things. Wireless charging, Bluetooth and extra USB ports are also available. Additionally, the driver’s seat has a 6-way electric adjustment with lumbar support.


Jetour X70 is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cars ever designed. The sluggish, sporty, sleek design of X70 is designed to set a touchstone of fashion. X70 features luxury in every sense of the word. Jetour’s X70 has an elegantly proportioned hood and cabin set back toward the back wheels, and its body surface is beautifully detailed.


Jetour X70 has one of the best rain sensing windshield wipers with good quality. This specially blended rubber delivers the ultimate clean, smooth wipe without chatter.


Jetour X70, with its smart and advanced technologies, will make driving safer for you. Adaptive headlights are another responsive technology. With adaptive headlights, nighttime visibility on curved roads can be improved by providing illumination during turns. With each turn, the lights adjust so that the road ahead is illuminated. When braking is required in an emergency, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) help you maintain control. Ensures that the wheels do not lock up, potentially allowing the driver to steer to safety.


A console side wrap hides the third-row seat, providing more room for up to 7 passengers thanks to its ergonomic seat design and console side wrapping. Insulation blocks the noise of the outside world from entering the cabin. Besides being highly adjustable, the seat offers plenty of support and padding. Featuring an oversized cabin (4840mm x 1925mm x 1745mm), spacious space, and intelligent security to protect your every trip.