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We are looking for an experienced Spare Parts Advisor to join our team. As the Spare Parts Advisor responsible for managing & achieve spare parts sales targets and delivery of parts & accessories. Facilitate customers’ needs and requests in a way that is efficient, informative and profitable.


  1. Sell spare parts and/or services to meet the customer's needs; Meet with customers face to face and hold sales discussions accordingly.
  2. Provide a high level of customer service by greeting and acknowledging all customers you come in contact with.
  3. Close sales by overcoming customer objections; Responsible for negotiating price, completing sales collecting payments, delivers etc.
  4. Maintain records of all customer leads and transactions that occur.
  5. Ensure to achieve the assigned Sales target both monthly and annually.
  6. Upsell whenever an opportunity arises i.e. additional accessories, spare parts, etc. and always provide an alternative for unavailable stock.
  7. Review sales statistics and plan more effectively to improve sales.
  8. Ensure to notify and follow-up with customers on campaign & special offers orders.
  9. Maintain a good relationship with existing customers and visit new customers to enhance sales.
  10. Follow up with customers on collection of accounts receivables.
  11. Maintain customer & update customer accounts' including contracts, trade licenses & bank guarantees etc.
  12. Be continually active on social media and propose social media postings and activities to your Reporting Personnel.
  13. Assist Reporting Personnel in all Sales related activities.
  14. Handle after sales with diligence and ensure to resolve customer complaints in a timely manner; Continuously follow up with the concerned department until the matter is resolved.
  15. Coordinate with Accounts dept. for customer financial transactions i.e. cash, cheque, etc. and verify prior to receipt issuance as per the Company policy.
  16. Ensure to follow the sales process and complete documentation for all sales transactions.
  17. Maintain and update customer database in a timely manner and share with the concerned team.
  18. Submit daily sales report to Reporting Personnel.
  19. Provide reports on customer demands, issues, sales figures etc. to the Management upon request.
  20. Keep up to date with all new products, competing dealers, market demand and product pricing; understand seasonal trends and highlight major market changes to expand the business prospects.
  21. Be aware of new supplier catalogues and educate yourself on new products.
  22. Keep up to date with all products, pricing, competing dealers, market trends etc. to expand the business prospects.
  23. Ensure that credit sales are processed as per the company policy and Management approval is obtained for special cases.
  24. Return of goods after sale or during the sales transactions must be approved as per the Company Parts Return Policy.
  25. Ensure that all parts are sold with valid invoices and as per Company standards.
  26. Responsible for collecting customer debts prior to going on any type of leaves and ensure proper handing over of Sales and collection is provided to the designated Sales Executive.
  27. Ensure that no discounts are permitted above company given margin and obtain necessary approval for exceptional cases; the respective Sales Representative shall be answerable for any discrepancies.
  28. All goods must be delivered to the authorized person only and should be presented to the customer prior to handing them over.
  29. Cash Sales must be cleared as per Company policy and current dated cheques are only applicable to management approved credit customers.
  30. Ensure to carry out all necessary procedures prior to the delivery of goods.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or related field
  • 2-4 years of proven experience in automotive spare parts sales
  • Solid knowledge in the area of spare parts sales.
  • Knowledge and experience in Abu Dhabi market.
  • Excellent Communication skills

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