New Jetour T2 Makes A Big Impression In The UAE

Dubai was the chosen venue for the launch of the groundbreaking Jetour T2 on 27th January 2024 in Terra Solis. The guests had the opportunity to explore an SUV that embodies style, innovation and luxury - a truly remarkable addition to the market in recent years and an exciting new addition to the UAE roads, bringing the next generation of drivers the opportunity to unleash their adventurous side.

Featuring a sleek new body design and powered by a feisty 4-cylinder 2.0L turbocharged engine, the Jetour T2 produces an impressive 390 Nm of torque – more than enough to tackle any challenge. The power delivery is smooth and effortless, making every journey a pleasure. With a wider body and longer wheelbase, the Jetour’s ride quality is exemplary. The lower stance gives the Jetour T2 greater stability and better cornering, too.

Innovative Design and Performance Features of the Jetour T2

The Jetour T2 is just as sophisticated on the inside. The roomy cabin gives plenty of space for its five occupants, providing world-class comfort and luxury. The advanced levels of technology make the T2 a user-friendly vehicle. An intuitive infotainment centre puts everything from onboard navigation to Bluetooth connectivity and in-car entertainment systems at your fingertips, utilising a 15.6 Inch High-Resolution colour touch screen with SnapDragon 8155 Smart Chip. It also includes an exclusive expandable tailgate, giving you easy access to the large cargo space and demonstrating how form and functionality can come together in perfect synergy.

The T2 brings together all the latest advancements in road safety, to give driver and passengers total peace of mind, such as Lateral Collision Warning, Lane Departure warning system, Automatic Emergency Braking, High-speed warning, and Forward and Backward collision warning, all creating a safer driving experience both on and off-road.

The Joy of Travel – Bringing The Fun Back Into Any Road Trip

While the Jetour T2 is an advanced and incredibly capable vehicle, there is one aspect of the experience that lies at the heart of this SUV, and that’s fun. The principle behind the development of the Jetour T2 is to put the enjoyment back into driving once more. With a driving setup that feels like a personalised cockpit and handling so responsive it practically waltzes around curves, T2 is not just a SUV – it's an invitation to embark on an exhilarating joyride! It is designed to take you on adventures in style.